Make Sure It’s In Top Working Order

Noticed a drop in the quality of your broadband connection? Are your calls fuzzy or cutting out? Or is the socket just plain hanging off the wall? Whatever the problem, Ace Broadband & Telephone Services will fix it!

Speedy Phone Line Repair

When your phone line is down, you need a fast solution that fits around you. There’s no need to take a whole day off work with us, we always do what we can to be flexible.

DIY Phone Repair

Why splash out on hiring someone if you can do it yourself? Check out our tips and advice before ringing, just in case. It’s the good, honest service you can expect from us!

Save Up To 70%

Not only do the big service providers take longer to get out to see you, they cost more too. Our prices are guaranteed to be up to 70% lower.

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Solutions To Any Problem

No matter what the problem is, you name it we’ve fixed it. With many years’ experience as a BT engineer, Ace Broadband & Telephone Services has seen it all and can offer a fast and effective solution to any issue.

What Else Would Be Useful For Me to Know?

In addition to telephone line repair, Ace Broadband & Telephone Services also specialise in installation, extensions and broadband services. Call us today to find out more!