Tips and Advice

Try It Yourself

Have you turned it off and on again..? Sometimes, it really is the simplest things that work. Make sure you’ve tried all the options before calling us – it might just save you a couple of quid!

Broadband Down?
  • Remove the lower plate from the┬ámaster socket and plug the phone line into the test socket
  • If the phone line doesn’t work – call your service provider as they should repair it for free
  • If it does work – call us as there is a line fault with your own wiring!
Dead Phone Line?
  • Again, take a look in the master socket and check for nasty green corrosion caused by damp
  • Use a process of elimination to find out if it’s the extension wiring or something else at fault. This determines if you get free repairs from your service provider or not!
100% Honest Advice

You’ll never be charged over the odds for a service you didn’t need in the first place with Ace Broadband & Telephone Services. It’s honest advice like this that sets us apart from the rest and we’re always striving to uphold this reputation with every job we take on.

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And If That Doesn't Work...

Give Ace Broadband & Telephone Services a call. We’ll give you a free estimate over the phone and be out in no time to inspect and deal with the problem. And all with no call out charge!

Need Advice? It's FREE!

Tried these pointers and got no further? Feel free to pick up the phone and call us for help, or a free estimate if our services are needed.